Reader's Report

The Reader's Report is a long and detailed document, usually in excess of twenty pages, which considers every aspect of your novel. It is expensive to produce, often representing over a week's work for the reader.

It is very important to us that people fully understand what they are paying for, and why. To that end we are extremely keen that clients have first purchased a Slush Report. The Slush Report is inexpensive and gives a good flavour of the Hardy & Knox style, which is not to everyone's taste. Clients who have previously purchased a Slush Report qualify for a reduction of £20 in the cost of the Reader's Report.

We as a literary consultancy cannot overemphasise how many writers believe they have produced a masterpiece, while professional opinion is somewhat different. It is no fun at all for the reader to plough through 300-odd pages of incompetence. We want you to have a Slush Report first, not just for your benefit, but for ours.

The Reader's Report is aimed at those writers who feel that they have gone as far as they can with their novel on their own and who believe they are ready to submit to agents and publishers.


The Reader's Report is produced from the whole manuscript, submitted according to the guidelines above. Obviously there may be good reason to vary fonts and margins in some sections of a manuscript, but once again, please write to us in advance. Reader's Reports are priced as follows:

Description Price
First 60 pages £150.00
Whole manuscript up to 100,000 words * £275.00
* £25.00 for every 20,000 words thereafter
If you have previously ordered a Slush Report on your MS and now submit the full MS for a Reader's Report you can claim a £20 discount.

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Manuscript Payment options

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Submission Instructions

All manuscripts should be submitted as attachments to In that email please state clearly which report you require, and, where appropriate, the last page of the manuscript you wish to be assessed.

Submissions must be in the following format. If you have very good reason to step outside this format, please email in advance to

  • Manuscript Word Document (Title of Novel_MS.doc)
  • Arial or Times New Roman
  • 12 point text
  • Line and a half spacing
  • Standard margins
Please include
  • a brief (less than a page) synopsis of your novel in a separate Word attachment (Title of Novel_synopsis.doc), with complete exposé of the whole plot, including dénouements. Please look at the sample synopsis, Dr Catuaba and the Word.
  • a personal biography of less than 200 words in a separate Word attachment (Title of Novel_bio.doc). Please look at the sample biography for Markus Haverking.